E-Light(IPL+RF) System

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E-Light(IPL+RF) System Description

E-light(IPL+RF) System Theory: Advanced technologies, Bioplar Radio Frequency+IPL, can be used together or separately. The perfect result can be expected.The RF energy can penetrate into the dermis and the heart directly delivers to the hair follicle . Intergrating with the IPL energy , good treatment result will you in a short time. Additionally, the Cooling system inside is effective on the epidermis this can greatly reduce pain in the process of treatment.

E-light(IPL+RF)System Advantage:
1.Remarkable effects on fuscous spot and live spot
2.Great effect on unwanted hair removal , both thick black hair and tiny hair, and comfortable during the treatment.
3.Excellent cooling system , Avoid burnt pigment mark and blister during former IPL treatment.
4.Wide range of treatment, great effect and with high safety factor.
E-light(IPL+RF)System Application: Hair removal, Freckle removal, Acne clearance, Skin rejuvenation , Pigmentation treatment, Vascular treatment, Skin tightening and Wrinkle removal.

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