IPL Beauty Equipment

Various products of IPL Beauty Equipment, providing product images and basic parameters with each Beauty Supply and Laser Tattoo Removal; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of IPL Beauty Equipment, and look forward to your cooperation!

IPL Beauty Equipment Description

IPL Beauty Equipment characteristics
No hurt , no surgery, no tablets , it has not any hurt to skin tissue
Pain-free , no anesthetic , only with slight calorific sensation when operation
Without special care after treatment ,no interruption to regular work and life
Without any side effects , without ill chemic and physical reaction after treatment
Excellent long-term results, youth gloss will be coruscated from inside to outside after treatment

IPL beauty equipment advantage:
1. 100% American imported [plug and play" handle connector: integrates with perfect water-electricity isolated system inside; enhance the stability of performance and easy maintenance and repair actually
2. Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature: protect people and machine against any risk at the first time
3. Comfortable: painless-sapphire temperature cool down 0~100C, comfortable in the whole treatment; also no scar in/after treatment
4. Perfect cooling system: semiconductor + air + water, good performance for long time working
5.High quality of machine shell: ABS material

IPL beauty equipment Application Range:

1. Remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body for all kinds of hair color;

2. Remove speckles\age spot\sun-induced freckles from various types of skin;

3. Remove facial vascular lesions;

4. Skin rejuvenating and lessen deep wrinkles;

5. Tighten skin and remove acne.

6. IPL RF Skin whitening.

Our company Pre-sale service and after-sale service:
Pre-sale service : We can provide all kinds of Beauty machine according to your ideas and designs.Your logo is available. High quality and competitive price. package can be made as your requirements.

After-sale service: One year warranty , life time maintenance

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